Middletown exterior project is complete. The masons did a fantastic job repointing two entire sides of this historic gem. All mortar joints were completely ground out on two sides and new mortar was installed. The old damaged slate front floor was Jack hammered out and new beautiful Bluestone was installed. Many areas on the other two sides were repainted. Breathable water repellent was applied to the entire exterior of the home. The old garage doors were removed and we completed structural repairs on the opening. We also poured a concrete curb to prevent water from flowing into the home. The new doors for the space will be ordered and installed in the near future. We repaired some significant rot damage on the front porch. The entire flat roof was taken off and redone properly to prevent water from leaking into the porch ceiling. A poor installation of the previous roof led to structural beam rot so we replaced the rotted beams and all of the trim. We used lifespan naturally pressure-treated trim which should last for many decades. A new railing was installed on the porch roof as well.

The original garage doors didn't function any longer and were beyond repair. Before we could install the new custom made doors, we had to fix a structural issue with the opening. Over the years, the concrete that held the lintel support up had deteriorated and fell out. We had to re-support the beam holding the above brick with a new metal support post. In addition, over the years, the driveway had been built up to be higher than the concrete floor which allowed water to flow into the basement of the house. We poured a brand new concrete curb and squared up the opening so that we could have the new garage doors custom made to fit perfectly. The new doors were made and shipped from North Carolina. Each door slab weighs approximately 300 lbs! We applied decorative hardware on the exterior along with gate bolts on the interior for security. We also applied trim to the exterior of the door and custom made a large drip cap above the door which not only hid the main metal support beam above the door, but now sheds water away from the doors. Original door pictures are included.