We were hired to transform an already finished basement into a more functional space. We removed the existing flooring, most of the sheetrock, and most of the interior walls from the space so a new layout could be created.

All of the baseboard heating was removed as well so new heating elements and covers could be installed. We built new interior walls which better separated specific areas and we created an area which allowed the homeowners to use the space as an in-law suite when people visited from out of town.

We created a main hallway which branched off into a family room in one direction and into a shared bathroom in the other direction. In the family room and in-law suite area, we installed Coretec cork/laminate flooring which is great for direct contact with a concrete floor. We installed all new doors which included replacing the exterior double door with a more functional double door and installing a pocket door leading from the suite into a walk-in closet.

In the bathroom, we installed a custom linen cabinet which matched the custom vanity that was installed. The vanity was created in a way which allowed us to cover the water meter, but still provide access to it through the cabinet door. We installed a 4' tiled shower stall and installed a nonslip tile on the floor.

All new electrical, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and T.V. mounts/wiring were run throughout the space. After installing all new trim, the space was finished off with a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore paint.